Today I love… black taps

Recently I’ve been working on a project for a very famous celebrity chef (no name dropping here), and due to his incredibly busy schedule, I haven’t had a chance to meet with him and his wife to discuss ideas of what they envisage. Which is a blessing and a curse; on the one hand I get to suggest my own ideas and visions for the house without stepping on any toes, but on the other, they could hate it all and mistrust all my decisions for the remainder of the project. So I took option one, and designed what I thought would look amazing.

When presenting the drawings to my boss (who was going to a meeting with said celebrity and wife, in one of his London restaurants), he exclaimed ‘matte black taps?! Are we going back in time here?!’.

The answer to that is no. Black brassware may have been popular around the 70’s, but like many things,  they have been subject to a ‘revival’ movement that have brought them slap bang into the industrial era we are living in. And its not just black matte! Bronze, gold, rose gold, brushed brass, even neon pink! Leave the chrome taps in your memory and open your eyes to the world of finishes. With big brands like Hans Grohe offering the majority of their products in a wide variety of finishes (they will even make your tap in a RGB colour that you give them; how crazy is that?!). The world is your oyster!


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Have you got a unique tap in your bathroom? Do you hate matte black too? I’d love to hear your thoughts – leave a comment!

Trend Spotting: Dusty Pinks and Copper, and how to work it

Now, I am the furthest from a ‘pink’ person as you can get. Until about the age of 15 I was haring around it the same blue ripped tracksuit, climbing trees and playing in the mud. The definition of a tom boy. And my style now still remains fairly masculine, which is why I am surprised at myself for loving the pink/copper/grey scheme that is hot topic right now.

It’s wonderfully scandi, soft and welcoming and has an almost ‘tasty’ feel (if that makes sense?!). Like any trend, this is sure to go to the back burner soon enough (especially when the women of the world try to sell a dusty pink scheme to the man in their lives) but by accessorising in the right way, with the right colours, you can ensure your home never goes out of style! Follow my tips below.

  1. Copper it up

Copper spray paint. Ikea table. You arent idiots, you can work this out! Copper items do seem to be hideously expensive because of the popular demand at the moment. Buy a coffee table like this one, respray the legs and voila! On trend table. Why stop at the table? Looks like those boring metal shelf supports could do with a bit of love too…


DIY project and image source here

2. Soften the edges

As dusty pink is such a warm and comforting colour, keep it to the soft furnishing. You dont have to go the whole hog and invest a pink sofa (please dont do this), but cushions, throws and chair cushions can be just enough to add this lovely accent colour to a scheme. A framed picture or some roses in a similar colour can really complete the look. And the cherry on top? When you get bored of the pink, you can swap in these items for a different colour! Copper and grey can compliment a whole range of colours; how about trying navy blue next?


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3. Lighting

Its a bit of a big commitment to change light fittings, but if the opportunity arises that you have the chance to, a copper light shade can really refelct beautifully in a room. For a shorter term fix; soft pink lamp shades can create a warm soft glow to a room


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