Today I love… Perfect Palm Trees

Maybe its the sunshine going to my head, but I’m daydreaming about living a bohemian lifestyle even more than usual lately. Bedroom that opens onto the beach, linens and a surfboard propped in the corner, and beads in my hair. Don’t tell me you aren’t tempted too.

Palm tree cushions tick the subtle box in a simple scandinavian interior.


Source: mydomaine

Cant help but think that this is a terrible waste of good surfboards, but it sure looks pretty.


Source: mydomaine

Bold and beautiful. Love the artwork too.


Source: mydomaine

I just love this colour combo


Source: mydomaine

Trend Spotting: Dusty Pinks and Copper, and how to work it

Now, I am the furthest from a ‘pink’ person as you can get. Until about the age of 15 I was haring around it the same blue ripped tracksuit, climbing trees and playing in the mud. The definition of a tom boy. And my style now still remains fairly masculine, which is why I am surprised at myself for loving the pink/copper/grey scheme that is hot topic right now.

It’s wonderfully scandi, soft and welcoming and has an almost ‘tasty’ feel (if that makes sense?!). Like any trend, this is sure to go to the back burner soon enough (especially when the women of the world try to sell a dusty pink scheme to the man in their lives) but by accessorising in the right way, with the right colours, you can ensure your home never goes out of style! Follow my tips below.

  1. Copper it up

Copper spray paint. Ikea table. You arent idiots, you can work this out! Copper items do seem to be hideously expensive because of the popular demand at the moment. Buy a coffee table like this one, respray the legs and voila! On trend table. Why stop at the table? Looks like those boring metal shelf supports could do with a bit of love too…


DIY project and image source here

2. Soften the edges

As dusty pink is such a warm and comforting colour, keep it to the soft furnishing. You dont have to go the whole hog and invest a pink sofa (please dont do this), but cushions, throws and chair cushions can be just enough to add this lovely accent colour to a scheme. A framed picture or some roses in a similar colour can really complete the look. And the cherry on top? When you get bored of the pink, you can swap in these items for a different colour! Copper and grey can compliment a whole range of colours; how about trying navy blue next?


Image source here

3. Lighting

Its a bit of a big commitment to change light fittings, but if the opportunity arises that you have the chance to, a copper light shade can really refelct beautifully in a room. For a shorter term fix; soft pink lamp shades can create a warm soft glow to a room


Image source here

5 Ways to Make Your Bathroom More Interesting

The bathroom is sadly an often forgotten room in the house when it comes to interior design. Its role is purely functional (I wont go into any more gory detail than that) but that doesn’t mean it cant be beautiful! Here are 5 of my fail-safe ways to make your bathroom more interesting, and sure to put a surprised smile on all of your guest’s faces when they open the door.

1. Lighting

Having the atmosphere that you want to create in mind rather than the general need of illumination will transform how you approach this task. For example, in a main bathroom the lighting should be calming but with some task lighting so layering lights on dimmer switches is a useful technique. The image below demonstrates how light can be used cleverly; the depth of the tile is inset and a strip of LED lights is added underneath to create an interesting feature but a directional spotlight is used to provide good light coverage to the bath when needed. Running each one of a different circuit means you can change the mood with the flick of a switch.

Photo 03-03-2016, 08 17 31Copyright StudiyoDesign

 2. Mosaics

I love a mosaic. And I don’t care who knows it. They are like the accessory that makes the perfect outfit, and you can find one to suit every look that you are going for. If you don’t want too much glitz and glam, a lot of tile manufacturers also provide mosaics versions of a lot of their ranges. The image below shows the mosaic on the wall in the L’Antic Colonel showroom in Spain, of the Porcelanosa New York show room – the most amazing mosaic I’ve ever seen. I wouldnt put it on my bathroom wall, but it shows some pretty good workmanship.

Photo 03-03-2016, 16 04 40Copyright StudiyoDesign

3. Levels

Adjusting the levels in your bathroom is great way to add interest. It could be as simple as a free standing bath on a slightly raised corner of the room, or something more dramatic like the image below. Sinking the bath into the floor with a ceiling mounted shower head above really adds the wow factor.

Photo 03-03-2016, 08 23 55Copyright StudiyoDesign

 4. Smell

Our sense of smell is so important when it comes to our emotions regarding a room. We judge most things fundamentally on what we see and smell, so a beautiful bathroom that smells of nothing is really missing a trick! Candles are great for an atmospheric effect but they don’t last too long so I prefer reed diffusers. Maximum smell at all the times, no open flame and they look nice!

Photo 22-01-2016, 14 27 01Copyright StudiyoDesign

5. Nature

Adding a few plants is the cheapest and easiest way to add interest to a bathroom. Some plants, like orchids, are well suited to humid conditions like a bathroom, but fake flowers can be an even better solution, and there are alot on the market that are of a very high quality, so no one will know the difference!

Photo 22-01-2016, 13 46 15Copyright StudiyoDesign